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Supported through DCU and Adapt Research Center, the CeIC sandpit is funded through the EU EliteS Fellowship. Under this Research Section we provide links to a set of resources which we consider are key components to be familiar with in any project particularly for those who are focused on delivering an interoperable and sustainable health and social care project in line with global policy for integrated care. The links are purposefully selected to act as signposts for industry and project teams , and based on requests for information by key stakeholders we engage with over the past year or so. In addition it is anticipated that the list of resources and links will assist with building capability and capacity with health informatics post graduate programmes of study.

Many countries have established national infrastructure to share data across and between services and systems digitally. In the Platform and Practice Sections we provide examples in context from EU and local projects. Here we provide the nuts and bolts of the interoperability pillars in which the integrated care is supported. 

At the top of the platform resources list is the need to be familiar with and learn about Open Standards and key landing pages created by countries to advance interoperability. Such as national extensions for infrastructure like ISA care plan in the US ONC or UK NHS Data Landing Page. This is then followed by metadata standards for interoperability e.g Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE).  The IHE supports the use of co-ordinated standards for shared communication and digital deployment of health data for more efficient care.  We also offer some key links to demonstrate the volumes of the overall technical frameworks and commonly used profile domains for shared care such as the Cross Enterprise Document Sharing profile XDS and a link to the domain profiles. 

Finally we include some links to examples of reference terminologies such as the SNOMED International and International Classification for Nursing Practice.

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