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This citizens section provides access to six case study scenarios, created for us as background material linking to learning activities detailed in the Practice Section of this resource.  The case studies detail provides synthesised citizen information only. The created material was identified through practice and research conducted over a number of years. It is therefore not associated with any single individual person.  Each of the synthesised cases presented provides a background for creating an assessment record or a referral record to different health care actor.   


Mary Jo Farrell

A 68 year old lady who lives alone in the community. She has osteoporosis and osteoarthritis


Patrick Meagher

Pat is 73 years old and lives alone. Pat is suppported by his neighbour who is formal carer. Pat has Stage 2 Emphysema and requires home oxygen.


Una Dolan

Una is a single 79 year old lady who has had a stroke. Previous to this she lived independently and had no major health issues


Breda O'Reilly

A 64 year old lady who lives alone in the community. She has great support from her nieces and nephews who encourage to live independently. She has rheumatoid arthritis which is increasing in severity and is compromising her mobility.


Michael O'Brien

Michael is 61 years old and he lives in a residential unit in North Kerry. Michael has a mild to moderate intellectual disability - he has recently developed an irritable bowel disorder which requires further investigation


Sandra Thompson

Sandra is 40 years old and a severe intellectual disability with complex needs. She lives at home with her elderly parents.She has a Cru Du Chat syndrome. Her swallow is becoming weaker and she is having recurrent chest infections

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