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Mary Jo Farrell 

Brief Biography of

Mary Jo

Mary Jo Farrell is a widowed lady who lives alone in a semidetached two storey house. She is aged 68. 

Mary Jo has one son Gerry who lives nearby.


Gerry is an accountant married with two young daughters, and provides informal support for Mary Jo as needed. They speak daily on the telephone and Mary Jo has some good friends who she communicates with regularly.

Gerry does the weekly shopping with his mother, collects her medications and brings her to any hospital or GP appointments as needed.

Health Management & Main Health Issue

Mary Jo’s main health issue is pain management of her back. She has been diagnosed with osteoporosis & osteoarthritis of her cervical and lumbar spine. 

Mary Jo says about her pain 
'If people ask me about how the pain is now I just say its fine, there is no point in always complaining. I have had an injection into the spine and it hasn’t worked, I am disappointed in this but I will see the entire set of injections through before I pass my final Judgement. 
Last Friday my son gave me a massage and I couldn’t believe how well I was after it you know I had no pain for two days after this but then the weather changed and it came back with a vengeance. I guess I just have to see how it is when I wake up every day and then decide how to manage it. I take paracetamol mostly as this doesn’t upset my stomach and takes the edge off when it’s really bad'

Activity & Communications

Mary Jo is a pale quiet but confident lady who is tall in stature and walks with the assistance of a stick.
She has recently been referred to the dietician for review as she has been losing weight.


She is independent in her activities of daily living and manages her medication with a weekly blister pack which is dispensed by her local pharmacist and collected by her son Gerry. 

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