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Breda O'Reilly

Brief Biography of


Breda is a 64 year old lady who lives alone with good friends, family, and social care supports.


She has a number of nieces and nephews who call on her weekly and support her to live independently.


Breda has rheumatoid arthritis in her hands and toes for the past twenty years and suffers with joint stiffness particularly in the mornings.

She is on treatment for her arthritis and despite increasing debility is keen to live independently in her home.


Her left ankle is particularly weak and she has fallen once in her home in the past year. 

Health Management & Main Health Issue

Breda has meals on wheels and a formal carer who assist her to dress and wash daily.

Breda describes her arthritis pain as stiffness - "It’s the stiffness in my joints especially my left foot it is getting worse but I am determined not to let it get the better of me".


Since her fall she has been referred to and seen by the physiotherapist for fall prevention assessment and she has also been fitted with a pair of well supported shoes and a panic button.

Activity & Communications

Despite her positive outlook since her fall Breda is less confident living alone and is struggling with her existing home and family supports. 

As a key goal for her is to maintain her independence and continue to live in her current residence a family conference with her public health nurse is scheduled to consider what additional structural alterations can be introduced.


One support under consideration is a stair lift and some voice activated digital devices to make communications easier with her friends and family. 

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