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Una Dolan

Brief Biography of


Una is a 79 year old single woman who recently was discharged from hospital following a stroke.


Prior to her stroke Una lived independently and had no major health issues. Her sister Judy has moved in with Una in order for her to return home from hospital and Una with the support of the community rehabilitation team and her sister Judy are supporting her rehabilitation which is going well. 

Una’s home has been renovated so that Una can sleep on the ground floor of her two storey home. She currently is using a commode for toileting , but with her PHN involvement,  Una has placed an order for a downstairs bathroom renovation project and stair rails and has applied for a grant from the government to support this renovation work.


Since her discharge Una with assistance is making steady progress with her recovery. 

Health Management & Main Health Issue

On discharge Una with the moderate weakness in her left leg and arm found it difficult to mobilise particularly to get in and out of the bed, she is using a Zimmer frame to walk around her home but cannot climb stairs. 

Una describes the following health issues as her main concern:
"I am finding the whole sleeping down stairs difficult and there is so much for me to learn. I get confused with all the medications that I have to take especially those warfarin tablets as they have different colours". 

Activity & Communications

Una has a very positive outlook, she is easy to converse with and is determined to recover from her stroke through a focused rehabilitation programme.


Una is motivated and very disciplined when it comes to completing her physiotherapy exercises and is keen to improve her mobility so she can become independent again.


A key goal for her is to be able to climb the stairs in her home so she can once again sleep in her bedroom which is upstairs. 

She finds managing her medications difficult particularly remembering to take her medications on time and in the right order.


Her sister and PHN are supporting Una with her medication management.

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