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Sandra Thompson

Brief Biography of


Sandra is a forty-year-old woman with a severe intellectual disability with complex needs.

She lives at home with elderly parents in a single story dwelling in a town in county Meath.  Both of Sandra’s parents have deteriorating health and are in their seventies.

Sandra is an only child.


Two carers who attend to her needs daily support her care requirements. 

Health Management & Main Health Issue

Sandra has been diagnosed with a condition called Cru Du Chat, which impacts on her heart and lungs.


She also has problems in her ability to swallow effectively. This has led her to have recurrent chest infections over a number of years.


Due to her poor swallow she struggle with maintaining her weight. 

Sandra has also curvature of the spine and is a wheelchair user.

Activity & Communications

Sandra avails of respite care every alternative weekend and attends a day service Monday to Friday where all of her caring needs are met.


Occasionally Sandra can become dehydrated and needs sub cutaneous fluids to be given to her by the team who manage her care. She also is on food supplements and pureed food, which is easier for her to swallow.

Sandra has a complex medication regime, which is managed by the team who care for her.

Sandra dislikes being examined by health care professionals outside of her circle of care and becomes anxious if she requires any hospitalisation or clinical investigations.

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