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Patrick Meagher

Brief Biography of


Pat lives in a small cottage in Dublin inner city.  He is single and has limited social and family supports and is 73 years old.


Pat is supported by a neighbour who is his formal homehelp who does his shopping for him. Pat sees his public health nurse four times a year. 

Socially Pat goes to his local pub three times a week to meet his friends and enjoy a pint. He has been a smoker for the past thiry years.  

Health Management & Main Health Issue

Pats main health issue is his breathing which is of late impacting on his ability to manage his health and his ability to self-care and be independent.

His  expressed greatest need is
“To get the breathing sorted and maybe stop my legs being so tired all the time”.

He was diagnosed with type two diabetes three years ago by his GP which has been well controlled on medication. Lately however he has been having more chest infections. He has needed two prescriptions of antibiotics in the past six months to address his recurrent chest infections.  

Activity & Communications

Pat is quite an anxious man who is overweight and flushed in complexion. He has recently been referred by the public health nurse to the local day hospital for review by the gerontologist.


On review Pat has been diagnosed with stage two emphysema. Home oxygen has been ordered for Pat and the public health nurse is liaising with community day hospital, GP and social care support team to provide additional supports for Pat to maintain his independence.


The PHN is also encouraging Pat to quit smoking prior to home oxygen and nebulizers being installed in the house.  


Allied health care professional referrals have been sent to Dietician and Occupational Therapist. 

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