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Michael O'Brien

Brief Biography of


Michael is a 61 year older man who lives in a residential unit in North Kerry and has a mild to moderate intellectual disability. He lives in a two storey house that he shares with four other service users.


Michael is semi independent and attends his local day service four days a week.  He is a socialable man who enjoys music, television and helping in the kitchen preparing meals for his friends.


He sees his siblings regularly when they visit. 

Health Management & Main Health Issue

Michaels main health Issue relates to repeated episodes of diarrhoea, he is scheduled to have a test to investigate if he is possibly suffering from a condition call coeliac disease. 

Other key issues that Michael has had include a fall in 2018 where he sustained a fractured ankle and dislocated shoulder. 

Michael has also required multiple dental extractions in 2004. 

Activity & Communications

Michael requires some psychological supports following the death of his mom last year and has at times experienced some behavioural issues. 

He is anxious about the test that is scheduled next month to investigate his diarrhoea and the person in charge (PIC) in his residential unit is planning on a meeting with Michael and his siblings to explain what is involved and why he needs this test to be done. 

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