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Research Profiles

Some of the members of the CeIC who are currently funded and working on eHealth Ireland agendas
Prof. Anthony Staines
Co-Director / Health Systems Chair
School of Nursing, Psychotherapy & Community Health

I am a medical academic, a public health specialist, and an experienced director. Since completing my clinical training in paediatrics and public health, I have worked both as an academic, and a policy analyst. I have particular skills in health information,child health and epidemiological methods.
I have worked (pro bono) as board chair and non-executive director
in a number of state agencies and charities. On these boards, I have developed and expanded the organisations, worked to embed good governance practices in boards and organisations. I work very closely with HSE and hospital colleagues, looking at information, health care system design, and the funding and deliveryof health care. I have written many reports for the Government and the health services, looking at funding, disability services, information systems and other topics.
My research covers many topics and my primary skills are as a methodologist, but also done a lot of fieldwork, including case-control studies, cross-sectional studies and larger surveys. I have written many papers on child health, nutrition, cancer epidemiology, infectious disease, and on various aspects of the costs of disease.

Ms. Elizabeth Adams
Co Director / Adjunct Faculty
School of Nursing, Psychotherapy & Community Health

Elizabeth Adams, RGN, Cert (ODN), BNS(Hons), Dip (Mgt), Dip (Counselling), Dip (Phy & Chem), Dip (Stats), MSc., Adjunct Faculty, Dublin City University, FFNMRCSI, Adjunct Professor UCD, Adjunct Associate Professor Curtin University Western Australia. President European Federation of Nurses Associations.

Elizabeth Adams is currently the Patient Safety and Advocacy Policy Officer, National Patient Safety Office in the Department of Health. She has been recently appointed Adjunct Faculty, Dublin City University.  She is President of the European Federation of Nurse Associations and represents 3 million nurses across Europe. She is a Board member of the global Campaign Nursing Now, based on the report The Triple Impact of Nursing (UK All-Party Parliamentary Group on Global Health). Her international representation includes membership of numerous global groups, including, for example, Safeguarding Health in Conflict Coalition and International Centre of Nurse Migration. In addition, she is Adjunct Associate Professor with Curtin University of Technology, Western Australia and University College Dublin, Honorary Fellow Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery Royal College of Surgeons Ireland.

Dr. Louise Hopper
Assistant Professor
School of Psychology

Louise Hopper, Ph.D in psychology, is an Assistant Professor in Psychology and in Dementia Studies at Dublin City University (DCU). Louise graduated with a B.Sc. in Computer Science from Trinity College Dublin (TCD) in 1993 and worked in various information technology roles in Ireland and in the US from 1988 to 2001. Since completing her Ph.D. in Psychology in TCD in 2013, Louise has worked as a Lecturer and post-doctoral researcher.

Louise has extensive experience working with people with dementia and their families on a number of ageing and dementia-related projects. Her research interests include community-based dementia services and supports, assistive technology supports for older adults and for people with cognitive impairments, psychosocial interventions to support those living with dementia, voices of people with dementia and their families, and dementia-related health and social policy. Louise published a report with DCU colleagues (December 2016) examining the feasibility of a National Dementia Registry for Ireland and has recently been awarded the HSE tender to progress this work to the prototype phase. Louise was awarded the DCU Presidents Research Award for 2017. She is also the co-founder and co-chair of the Alzheimer Café in Leixlip, Co. Kildare.

Mery Rose Sweeney Picture.png
Dr Mary Rose Sweeney
Associate Professor Health Systems Research - Head of School
School of Nursing, Psychotherapy & Community Health

I am an Associate Professor in Health Systems Research & Head of School in the School of Nursing Psychotherapy & Community Health, in DCU and am currently the Research Convenor for the School (since Sept 2018). I have previously held the roles of Associate Dean for Research for the Faculty of Science and Health (2014-2017) and Deputy Head of School  (2011-2014).

Over the past number of years I have represented DCU on the national working group developing and implementing the "Making Every Contact  - National Undergraduate Curriculum for Health Behaviour Change"
This was a collaboration between every HEI in Ireland and the Health Service Executive and the first standardised curriculum for Health Professionals in the Country. 

Christine O'Kelly photo.jpg
Christine O'Kelly
Dublin City University

Christine O'Kelly was appointed by DCU's President Brian Mac Craith as Age Friendly University Coordinator in Sept 2014. Christine has an extensive background in working with a range of agencies and networks engaged in enhancing the well-being of older adults. She was the former CEO of  Ireland's Older Women's Network, a global network with a focus on gender and aging and served as a member of the National Women's Council and Banulacht, a national organization working with the developing world. Christine was involved in a government working group to draft Ireland's  National Positive Ageing Strategy and was a member of a team investigating residential nursing homes which resulted in the establishment of a national watchdog agency on residential care. She is a member of the AGE Platform in the EU and on the Covenant on Demographic Change and is DCU's representative on the Dublin and Fingal Age-Friendly Alliances and a subgroup on housing.

Christine leads  DCU's Age Friendly University Initiative  which has expanded to 49 members globally representing Europe, North America, and South East Asia  She supports DCU's AFU multidisciplinary team and an Expert Advisory Board and works closely with stakeholders at national, regional and EU level. Christine was educated at the National College of Ireland, Trinity College and DCU and is currently undertaking a Doctorate in Education with a focus on Leadership.  Her research is examining how universities can influence demographic change.

Dr. Austin Warters
Manager of Services for Older People at HSE 

Dr Austin Warters originally qualified as a social worker in 1983 and was a practitioner and manager of child care services in England and Scotland. He moved to Ireland in 1994 where he took up the position of manager of social work services for children. In 2004 he was seconded to services for older people where he was
involved in the implementation of the national Elder Abuse policy and staffing structure. In 2011 he commenced working at Manager of Services for Older People in Dublin North City where he is responsible for the commissioning of a range of services for older people in the area. He also has a strong interest in research and innovation and in 2011 graduated from Trinity College Dublin with his PhD.

He recently implemented a research, evidenced based model of home support service called re-ablement. While this service has been proven to work in many countries, his project team have demonstrated that it works in Ireland. He is currently involved in
research networks across the EU and is part of a consortium which has been successful at obtaining EU funding. He also teaches in England and has been a guest lecturer at TCD, UCD and DCU.

Prof. Regina Connolly
Professor of Digital Health Innovation Systems 
DCU Business School

Professor Regina Connolly specialises in Digital Health Innovation and Information Systems at Dublin City University. Her research focuses on the strategic application and impact assessment of technology, in particular eHealth technologies, as well as the development of eHealth business models. Her research work is highly regarded and has been recognised with a number of international awards and distinctions including the Villanova University Research Excellence Award of Merit and Government Information Quarterly’s Inaugural Best Research Paper Award. A regular speaker both in Ireland and internationally, she has presented on Connected Health Business Models at the European Parliament.

Dr. Catherine Corrigan
Assistant Professor of
School of Nursing, Psychotherapy & Community Health

Catherine started her early career as a nurse and midwife in Ireland. She studied advanced practice nursing in Canada and has practiced as a Nurse Practitioner for many years in the US. She earned her Doctor of Nursing Practice degree and holds a Nurse Educator Masters Degree both from the University of Detroit Mercy. Her university level teaching experience pans across four countries and includes face-to- face as well as facilitating online courses. Passionate about research and advanced practice, she is currently the Chair of the first MSc in Nursing: Advanced Practice program in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Catherine is co-investigator for a National Traumatic Brain Injury study currently underway in Ireland as part of the research activity taking place in the CeIC.

Dr. Catriona Murphy
Assistant Professor at 
School of Nursing, Psychotherapy & Community Health

Catriona Murphy is an Assistant Professor at the School of Nursing Psychotherapy & Community Health, DCU. Catriona is a nurse, midwife, and holds a HRB Scholars PhD in Health Services Research. The title of her PhD thesis was The distribution and determinants of home-based social care utilisation in older adults: Irish and comparative perspectives”. On completion of her PhD, she took up a HRB Interdisciplinary Capacity Enhancement (ICE) post-doctoral research fellowship at The Irish ongitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA), Trinity College. Her post-doctoral research focused on the cardiovascular health of older Irish adults and the implementation of cardiovascular health research findings into policy and practice. HRB funding for Knowledge Exchange and Dissemination (KEDs) of research findings on hypertension in the older adult population led to her current involvement in the provision of hypertension education for primary care nurses.
Catriona currently lectures at the School of Nursing Psychotherapy & Community Health in DCU. Her research interests lie in population health and health services research with a particular emphasis on older adults and cardiovascular risk.

Dr. Donal Fitzpatrick
Senior Lecturer
School of Computing

Dr. Donal Fitzpatrick is an Assistant Professor at the School of Computing, Dublin City university where he specialises in the domain of Human Computer Interaction and Universal Usability. Donal’s interests primarily focus on methods for conveying complex information using multimodal user interactions. He is particularly interested in ensuring that user interfaces are accessible for, and usable by, as wide a demographic as possible. Donal is considered to be a leading expert in the area of accessibility for persons with disabilities. He has published widely on this topic, and has received significant funding from both national and international organisations such as SFI, the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union, the Erasmus Programme of the European Union. He has supervised M.Sc. and Ph.D. students to completion, and has also acted as mentor for seven postdoctoral researchers. Donal is an invited expert on the W3C Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group, and is also an executive director of the Board of the National Council for the Blind of Ireland.

Dr. Veronica Lambert
Professor Children & Family Nursing
School of Nursing,  Psychotherapy & Community Health

Dr Veronica Lambert, Professor in Children & Family Nursing is the currently leading DCU’s HRB PPI (Public and Patient Involvement) Ignite Project which aims to involve members of the public and patients in research projects in an active meaningful and collaborative manner. DCU’s PPI Ignite Project will build and promote capacity for high quality public and patient involvement in DCU and within the wider community.

The vision for the programme of work is to promote, grow, support, monitor and sustainably embed meaningful active involvement of patients, carers, the public and patient and public representatives in all health and social care research within DCU, and beyond. In delivering on this project, DCU is partnering with a number of organisations including Epilepsy Ireland, Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Ireland, the Medical Research Charities Group, the Irish Advocacy Network and the International Network towards Alternatives and Recovery. Alongside public and patient involvement, other areas of research interest include child and family healthcare communication, young people's self-management of their chronic illness and paediatric early warning systems and safety culture.

Pamela Gallagher.png
Dr. Pamela Gallagher 
Professor of Psychology
Head of School of Psychology

Prof Pamela Gallagher, PhD, C. Psychol., Ps.S.I., is a Professor of Psychology and Head of the School of Psychology, Dublin City University, Ireland. She has extensive experience in health psychology and health behaviour change. Her research applies psychological principles and theory to enable individuals with disabilities or long-term conditions to achieve optimal physical, psychological and social outcomes. There is a particular focus on psychosocial outcome measurement, self-management and the role of technology in enabling people to live personally meaningful lives. She currently leads a number of projects in this space funded by the Health Research Board and the Irish Research Council.  She is a Chartered member of the Psychological Society of Ireland, and  a founding and full member of the Division of Health Psychology, Psychological Society of Ireland. She is a respected international expert and leader in her field demonstrated by key performance indicators and there is clear evidence of the effective translation of her research findings into policy and practice for individual and societal benefit.

Dr. Carole Glynn
Director of Innovation

Dr Carole Glynn's work involves the formulation and monitoring of strategy and governance, focusing on eHealth regulation, research and innovation. She is World Fellow in Social Science at ISSC and holds a doctorate in Business Administration, an MBA and degrees in both public administration and radiography. Previously she has held senior roles in service provision and management, achieving significant developments in clinical delivery and quality. She is the chair of the National Data Dictionary governance group.

Mr. Martin Tully
IA Programme Lead

Martin has worked in ICT with the National Health Service Executive in Ireland IA’s core business revolves around metadata standardisation, the national data dictionary, metadata modelling, glossaries, catalogues, metadata governance and structured content publication. The primary goal of IA focuses on the effective processing of information (clinical
and business) through the structured design of shared Information environments, in order to improve patient care and provide value for money for the tax payer.

In 2017 he completed an MSc in Data Analytics and is a member of the NSAI HISC (Health Informatics Standards Consultative Committee) SC1 and SC2. He has presented at various health and social care conferences and seminars.

Dr. Silvana MacMahon
Post Doctoral Researcher 
Dundalk Institute of Technology

Silvana is currently a postdoctoral researcher in the Regulated Software Research Centre (RSRC) in Dundalk Institute of Technology and Lero. Her research focuses on the development of a Testing Framework for Medical Device Software, and the development of a framework to allow healthcare delivery organisations to assess the capability of their risk management of IT networks incorporating medical devices.

Silvana works closely with the standards community in the development and validation of the framework, published as ISO TR 80001-2-7: 2015.  She is also the author, editor and international project leader for this technical report and has attended and presented at standard meetings and presented her research at international conferences. She is leading the process aspects of the revision of the IEC 80001-1 standard.

Marija Bezbradica.png
Dr. Marija Bezbradica
School of Computing
Dublin City University

Dr. Marija Bezbradica is an Assistant Professor at the School of Computing, Dublin City University where she specialises in the data science, particularly in the areas of probabilistic and predictive modelling. Marija obtained her B.Sc.E.E. and M.Sc. Biomedical engineering from the University of Belgrade, Serbia. She completing her PhD at Dublin City University, Ireland in 2013 in the field of Complex Systems Modelling, specifically on building stochastic models for prediction of complex in vitro drug delivery systems. Her current areas of research are interdisciplinary and include inverse modelling methods, cellular automata and multi-agent systems, predictive and behavioural analytics in e Health, bioinformatics, computational biology, as well as in FinTech, Smart Cities, applied mathematics and high performance computing.


Marija has received national and international grants from agencies such as European Union (H2020-MSCA-ITN-2017), SFI/FInTech Fusion, IRC and Enterprise Ireland. Marija currently supervises research projects in the areas of Data Analytics, Financial Modelling, Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Smart Cities and Educational Analytics.

Io rid.png
Dr Marco Alfano
Research Fellow
School of Computing

Dr. Marco Alfano is a research fellow at the School of Computing, Dublin City University, with a Lero-ALECS Marie Curie fellowship. He is currently working on patient empowerment by helping non-experts understanding medical texts (through translation of medical terminology in lay terms), facilitating the search of health information on the Internet (by providing tailored information to users based on their requirements such as language complexity, information quality and information classification) and creating customized medical learning paths (such as basic learning, deepening and broadening) on the Internet. His research interests include e-health, smart cities, data analytics, machine learning, information retrieval and Open Data/Big Data.

Dr. Alfano holds a PhD in Electronic Engineering, Computer Science and Telecommunications from the University of Palermo and has over thirty years of professional experience in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in different working environments such as academia, industry and government. This varied experience has provided him with the unique ability to recognize and understand the different dynamics in communicating and collaborating across those different environments. He has worked in several countries such as Italy, Ireland, United States and Canada.

Prof. Markus Helfert
Innovation Value Institute
School of Business 
Maynooth University

Prof.Markus Helfert is Director of the Business Informatics Group , He is SFI Funded Investigator at Lero — The Irish Software Research Centre, Adapt — The Centre for Digital Content Management and Insight — The Centre for Data Analytics. He is a research affiliate at The Open Government Institute at Zeppelin University in Germany. His research interests include Information Management, Data Governance, Health Information Systems, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Architecture and Smart Cities.

Markus Helfert has authored more than 200+ academic articles, journal and book contributions and has presented his work at international conferences. He is member of international programme committees and reviewer and associate editor of several IS journals.
Prof. Helfert has received national and international grants from agencies such as European Union (FP7; H2020), Science Foundation Ireland and Enterprise Ireland. 
Prof. Helfert holds a PhD from the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland), an MSc from the University of Mannheim (Germany) and a BSc from Napier University in Scotland (UK).

Kris McGlinn.png
Dr. Kris McGlinn
Research Fellow
ADAPT Centre 
Trinity College

Dr. Kris McGlinn is a research fellow in the Adapt Centre Trinity College Dublin with a research focus on issues of data interoperability when dealing with the large amounts of data generated by heterogeneous sources across domains. Within CeIC his focus has been on the development of a National Data Dictionary  using web of data technologies, building upon a range of existing standards explored within CeIC for the health domain. He also has experience researching the intelligent management of smart and sustainable buildings and is co-chair of the W3C Linked Building Data on the Web community group which is setting out to create a web standard for publishing building and building related data on the web.

Mr Eamon Coyne
IA Architect
OoCIO Lead

Eamon has worked in ICT with the national Health Service Executive in Ireland for the past 15 years. Involved in the successful delivery of various regional projects and national projects, now working on international projects also. A patient centred focus is of paramount importance, with a vested interest in the delivery of a robust eHealth architecture ensuring compliance to best practice interoperability standards.

Current focus is on the Irish delivery of the the EU eHealth Digital Services Infrastructure Open NCP Cross Border project and the implementing of this eHealth solution utilising the National Test Harness, National Data Dictionary, SNOMED National Release Centre and the CeIC Terminology Services."

DL DCU.png
Dr Daniela Lehwaldt RGN RNT FESC
Assistant Professor 

School of Nursing, Psychotherapy & Community Health 

I am an Assistant Professor in Nursing in the School of Nursing, Psychotherapy and Community Health at Dublin City University. My current position includes the role of International Convenor, which aims at developing international mobility and fostering international collaborations within the School. My research centres largely on nursing workforce topics and advanced nursing practice. I am specialised in intensive care & anaesthetic nursing and am a former Nurse Practitioner in cardio-thoracic surgery.

My current work includes various volunteering positions at local and international level. I am Deputy-Chair of the International Council of Nurses (ICN) NP/APN Network, Chair of the Subgroup ‘International’ of Deutsches Netzwerk APN & ANP, Member of the Irish Association of Advanced Nurse and Midwife Practitioners (IAANMP), Member of the Network European Ways of Nursing Education and Training (NewNet), Education Committee Member at the Association of Cardiovascular Nurses and Allied Professionals (ACNAP), and Fellow of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC). 

I represent DCU at the National Nursing Now Ireland Steering Committee, which is led by the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation (INMO). I am the National Lead in various international programmes including an Erasmus+ funded project entitled eCoNNECT ‘enhanced Communication iN Nursing through Exchange of Clinical Teaching experiences’. This is an online programme, which is developed to run simultaneously across three countries (Germany, Ireland, Netherlands). The programme aims at improving health and wellbeing through enhancement of clinical teaching practices.    

Sarah Joyce
Social Care Worker

Sarah works as a social care worker in frontline homeless services. She has extensive experience dealing with people from a person-centred perspective in challenging environments. She holds a BA (Honours) in Social Care.


Her focus is on the link between healthcare provision and homeless services in the current climate, addressing health and wellbeing within homeless services, and the benefits of connected healthcare for the homeless sector. 

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