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CeIC Research - Pillar 2

IMSTA Report 2019

IMSTA works as an enabler to industry in shaping a positive economic, regulatory & political environment. Our overarching principles are:
•To improve patient outcomes by promoting better access to optimal digital health technologies
•To promote the value of the digital health supply industry
•To foster an appropriate regulatory environment
•To promote a competitive marketplace

The digital report - Digital Health Insights is available to download from this link 

Industry Group for Health & Social Care

The Centre for eIntegrated Care (CeIC) since its launch in May 2018 has progressed with its mission and focus on a number of research activities. A key initiative for CeIC is engagement with industry. Led by Dr Markus Helfert our industry group meets every quarter to discuss and review how CeIC can advance and support SME industry in Ireland.  To date we have been successful in obtaining Enterprise Ireland funding with innovation vouchers and are collaborating with Adapt through Mr Liam Cronin on future opportunities.

Industry Prest Sept 2018
 1st Industry Meeting September 2018

Dr Markus Helfert presented at the industry engagement meeting in September - the presentation can be viewed from this link.

Screenshot 2018-11-07 at 13.32.23.png

Mr Liam Cronin also presented at our industry engagement session - the presentation can be viewed from this link.

Screenshot 2018-11-07 at 13.20.44.png
Symposium November 1st 2018

Supporting industry engagement on November 1st Prof Anthony Staines facilitated a symposium for industry, HSE and academics on strategic planning, open science and future Electronic Health Records EHR deployment.   

Presentations on these sessions are available to view from this link

Please contact Ms Sharon Farrell as the centre project co-ordinator should you have any queries in regard to industry engagement.

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International Collaboration PNU, Saudi Arabia

Internationally CeIC are progressing adjunct positions with universities such as Princess Nourah University to expand on existing research opportunities and foster evolving communities of practice with nursing on Sustainable Development Goal 3. Of particular interest is opportunities to expand upon standardising nursing language with ICNP.

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